I’m an absolutely useless guitarist but I enjoy playing around on my own. Having reviewed the not very good photographs, I realise that I don’t have that many electric guitars. In truth I only started collecting relatively recently. These are the instruments that I want rather than what is available and highly thought of. No doubt many will be surprised by the absence of the great Gibsons – Les Paul and SG. There’s no reason, they just aren’t my thing. The guitar missing from the group photo is my Burns Bison, which I keep at our holiday home. It is one of two non-USA made instrument I own. Another nostalgia buy. As a lad, when I played in a band, I managed to get my hands on a rather tatty Black Bison and remember it fondly.

The other guitar missing from the gang picture is a Fender Jaguar which is a recent acquisition as well as a Fender Coronado. There is also a Gibson ES 175.  I love the 175 so much that I replaced the Burns I keep in France with a poor man’s version ‘175, an Epiphone version that plays very well indeed.

I also have a Gibson J45 which I think is called a dreadnaught and three Ovations that I bought when we lived in the US – a six, a twelve and a nylon strung.

This is the very glossy and  upmarket Fender Jaguar.

Electric Guitars

The great Fender Stratocaster.

Telecaster Thin Line. If I had only one, this would be it.

Ricky 345. Fun but an acquired taste

Ricky 12 string

My other favourite, 1965 Gretsch Chet Atkins.


Burns Bison that used to be at our home in France. Now replaced and back in the UK. I can’t quite get the action right so it’s not my favourite.

Gibson Lucille - no ‘f’ holes.

Gibson ES 335 - Wonderful

The full bodied Gibson ES-175

White Frames are Hot

Candy Apple Fender Coronado

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Epihpone ES 175 now resident in France

Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor ll. Another arch top to add to the collection.

Bought as a bargain buy the Ibanez semi  AS73-T