Rickenbacker 360/12

The original 360/12 was a 12 string version of the 360, 6 stringer but Rickenbacker later introduced a more rounded shape also called the 360/12. For their 12 strings, Rickenbacker use a clever headstock design that incorporates both slotted machine heads (a la Spanish guitars) and the through the head type. At first sight the twelves can easily be mistaken for sixes as the headstocks are quite short. Another feature of 12 string Rickys is that, where relevant, each pair of strings is set up with the thicker string above the thiner one. This is curious as the guitars are often chosen by musicians for their jangly sound. One would have thought that by reversing the order of the strings, the guitar would be less jangly.

Lots of top groups have used Ricky twelves including The Beatles, The Who and The Byrds.