Rickenbacker 345

I was surprised to discover that Rickenbacher (now Rickenbacker) are credited with the first volume electric guitar circa 1932. I don’t have a date for my 345 but although, like most of my guitars it was bought secondhand, I don’t think it’s very old. When I first got it, I enjoyed playing it and it was a first choice for a while until I went back to the Telecaster and Gretsch.

I suppose it was John Lennon that put the make back on the map in the sixties. It’s certainly a quirky instrument with unique features like an odd shape, a single scimitar fashioned sound hole and a slightly odd colour scheme. I believe, unlike many thin-bodied guitars, it is a true hollow body without a solid block running up the centre. The model 345 is essentially a 330 with three pickups and a tremolo arm. Rickenbackers have a very strong following and aficionados are extremely ardent. If you want to know more about these guitars there is a very informative web site at http://www.rickbeat.com