The Life and Times of a Classic Car Buff

Starting as a small boy revelling in the motoring choices of his family, the author has become an irredeemable Petrolhead. Owning more than 100 cars over almost 50 years, including the more prosaic offerings of the ‘40s, ‘50s & ‘60s, he has graduated from bangers to more exotic fare.

This is essentially the tale of a south London lad, crazy for cars from almost as soon as he could walk. A youngster who filled his days buying, selling, driving and tinkering with old motors. With a beer pocket and champagne tastes Roger was never far from disaster but for the most part got away with bodges and low cost fixes.  The pages are filled with stories of Morrises, Austins, Triumphs, MGs, Jaguars and many others that passed through his hands as everyday transport. Included are his more recent affairs with Ferraris, Astons and Lagondas as well as his attempts at historic rallying and vintage racing.

The book is written with real humour and just the right amount of self-deprecation. Roger never takes himself too seriously and if he isn’t bringing a grin to your face then he is probably providing a good belly laugh.

Reviewer’s Comments 

If you remember what it was like to drive in the ‘50s, you will relate to [Roger’s] early days… If you weren’t around, you will find his story a revelation…His account represents the history of car ownership over the latter half of the twentieth century. Tony Dudmesh - The Jaguar Driver

....his dedication, perseverance and sheer enthusiasm shine through and will strike a chord with those who grew up in the forties, fifties and sixties. A nostalgic trip down memory lane…. Charles Harbord - Cars for the Connoisseur

...a fascinating series of tales about more than 100  cars….It's a delightful book and I give it two thumbs
up.  Rob Reilly - Jaguar Lovers Forum

An inspiring tale of dedication, perseverance and boundless enthusiasm with which so many enthusiasts and restorers will be familiar. John Blunsden - Motor Racing Publications

….this engaging account of the cars that have passed through the hands of a self confessed car a fast paced novel…. it’s a good bed-time read.  Michael Bowler - The Automobile

This is a very readable and amusing volume, which stirs many memories of early lusting (cars, I mean), impossible dreams, impractical purchases and hard-won experience that many of us can relate to. Philip Porter - XK Gazette

….his times with old cars and sometimes troubled life makes a damn good read…well worth having.

Classic & Sports Car

This is a charming book, written with obvious enthusiasm and a broad sense of humour…’s wonderfully entertaining!    Classic Car Weekly

Petrolhead - The Life and Times of a Classic Car Buff ISBN - 1 899870 71 7

Author - Roger Austin Learmonth  Publisher -MRP Publishing

A few copies still available at £11 including P & P. Email Roger Learmonth to place an order.

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