Brexit – Breaking the Log Jam

I’m no expert but it seems that Parliament and therefore we, the people, are at an impasse. Teresa May has come back with a deal that seems unlikely to be accepted. The sticking point, we are told is the Irish backstop which, according to the doubters, has the potential to lock us into EU rule taking at the whim of the Commission. There seems however, no clear Parliamentary majority for any other option. On the positive side the EU negotiators have said that that as soon as we accept the plan being pushed by Mrs May, they will, at once, start negotiating a long term trade deal.

Perhaps I’m naïve but is there a possible way out of the impasse? Let us say, for instance that we postponed Article 50, for the sake of argument, for two years and at the same time, started negotiating a trade deal. Given that we have a withdrawal agreement as well as the Norwegian and Canadian models and, I am told, over seventy other EU deal around the globe, it should be possible, within two years, to come up with some acceptable trade agreement. In the unlikely event that it can’t be done then the default position will be go out with no deal on WTO terms. I would suggest that in two years’ time Parliament can make a decision either to accept the deal so far negotiated at that time or go out without one. The advantage is that the situation would be relatively definite. In two years there’s either a deal or not. In any event it will give UK business a long lead time to prepare for a WTO outcome should it come to that.

If the Remainers find the idea so unpalatable that they can’t sign up to this idea, then we should have an immediate new referendum where the options are to stay in or, in two years’ time, to leave either with a trade deal or, as is being threatened now, without one. If the result is still for Brexit then effectively, we have a two year grace period where we can get on with our lives, stop talking about Brexit and possibly heal our wounds and come back together as a nation

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