A Motley Collection

There are a host of historic car collectors that have more numerous and more illustrious collections than mine and I suppose therefore, that it’s almost ludicrous that I should produce this little and rather trivial exposition on my pile of old  tin. But here it is anyway. As time marches on, I thought it would be nice to pass on to my offspring, family and friends, a record of my motors ,before the collection is separated and passed to new owners.

I can honestly say that I have never acquired my cars with a view to investment or profit. I have bought whatI liked and have hung on to a few that  I particularly favour. Like  most Petrolheads, the two factors that limit my ambition and acquisitive tendencies are finance and space. I don’t have the dosh and a place to put ‘em.

I’ll readily admit that nostalgia has played a major role in my hobby. My trio of XK Jaguars, the pre-war Rover tourer, the Bradford lorry and  to some extent, my Jaguar MK V  all have echoes of my past.

A Motley Collection’ a slim, one hundred page paperback , is very definitely not a commercial venture just a record of my current set of old motors. Current being the summer of 2016.

                 ISBN 978-1-5272-0476-6

                     Picture House Racing


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