Creative Writing

Arguably, I am a failure as a creative writer. I’ve produced quite a bit but had nothing published. I suppose it’s entirely my fault, as I have never submitted anything to a publisher. I did have a non-fiction work produced in 2004 but it was a rather specialist book about old cars so it doesn’t count. Another car  book in 2017.

Completely self indulgently, I have tended to write stories that are often too long to qualify as ‘short’ and too brief to be novels. My aim has been to publish a collection but apart from the fact they aren’t very good, there’s not much of a market, particularly for unknowns.

The creative writing section of this site is aimed at putting some of my work on the web but above all to encourage others to join me.  Email me your stories or chapters and I’ll try and include them.  I’m neither editor nor critic so, if I include your stuff, I won’t edit or comment.

Please, please be aware that when you put stuff out there, you potentially loose control so don’t send me anything that you don’t want to risk.

Most writers want their work published so do also send in any helpful hints and advice. Comments and critiques are also welcome but I won’t put rude, obscene or insulting material on the site.  Do send me your work.


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