1950 Bradford Lorry

The 1950 Bradford is a product of its time. Minimalist sums it up nicely. The engine, a 1005 cc, boxer twin of 1900s design is tough and reliable. Features include, 6-volt electrics, siphon water flow and no fan. The vehicle uses rod operated brakes and mechanical clutch actuation. There were no frills or fancies. An ignition switch without a key, one windscreen wiper and a single seat for the driver were standard equipment.

The Jowett Car Company produced a basic van, a utility (station wagon) version with side windows and rear seats (the deluxe model had a chrome grille and chrome headlamps). There was also a small lorry, which would today be called a pick-up. All models used the same chassis and mechanics.

My lorry is one of a few survivors and was restored nearly 20 years ago. A ‘CC’ model, she is the last of the line and represents the final production version.  Concessions to modernity include flashing traffic indicators (she also has semaphores), a conversion to 12V electrics and an auxiliary fan. Although keen to maintain originality, The grille cowl, headlamps and hub caps are now chrome a la the Utility.

1005cc seven horsepower, boxer twin with three speed box.

Above: 2004 London to Brighton - Daughter Lizzie in the back and below - Waiting the start in Battersea park.

Lizzie at Crystal Palace for the start of the 2013 London to Brighton Commercial run.

Right: Latest Signage

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.A few months back, I was contacted, I imagine through the Jowett Club, by a model firm marketing under the name Marqueart. They had produced, they told me, models of both the Bradford van and the utility and now wanted to make a lorry. They had heard that mine was a nice example and wanted to come along and take some pictures.

In the event, several months later, they produced a 1:43 scale model that was a pretty good copy of my truck, right down to the sign writing and registration; quite pleasing. It’s available from Marqueart at http://www.marqueart.com/marqueart/jowett-brad3.htm